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The management organization of Central Valley Machine, Inc. is committed to insuring that quality is a primary and integral part of the overall business objective. Providing resources for continuous improvement in all aspects of our operation allows CVM to keep pace with industry standards and provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

Central Valley Machine, Inc. is dependant on it's quality system and each employee to provide a means for including supplier and customer feedback as part of our continuous improvement process. By embracing this feedback as part of, "Standard Job Practice" and providing the necessary tools to evaluate and implement improvement changes, we provide a means for accomplishing our business objectives.

The designated management representative is provided the authority and the organizational freedom to ensure the quality system is established and implemented at all levels of the organization, and maintained in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 & AS9100B Quality System Standards. Members of the quality organization are given full authority and all necessary resources to enforce and audit the quality system. In addition, each employee affecting quality of products, having been trained in the quality system requirements, is individually responsible and accountable for compliance to our system and for the quality of processes and/or products they provide to all internal and external customers and suppliers.

Internal/external audits of the quality system along with customer/supplier feedback provide the necessary tools for management to identify possible deficiencies early on and allow corrections to be implemented. Follow up on these corrections will ensure positive improvements, short and long term, in our products and services provided.

Upon review and audit of our quality system, we would encourage all positive comments and suggestions on possible improvements to our quality system.